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Ana Kovačević is a South African fashion designer who drawns her inspiration from flamboyant themes, celebrating extraordinarily live colours and natural materials. Ana is a founder of Anex Design and Stars SA, producing collections for South African celebrities and launching Monaco 2012 Exclusive Royal Collection. Anex Design, founded in 2004, also focused on smaller collections aiming at audiences with strong penchant for swaying colours and desire to stand out from the crowd. Currently Ana is launching African Sky, a label covering large selection of leather goods and accessories, featuring similar African themes.

Ana's journey into fashion started in 1990s, when as a teenager infatuated with design, she confidently walked into the offices of then leading designers in the former Yugoslavia with her sketchbooks under her arm. This event marked the start of a career fusing modelling with design, energy with passion, uncompromised originality with abundance of ideas.

Following a successful modelling career in South Africa, Ana launched Anex Design in Spring of 2004. The debut of Anex Design, hosted in the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, was termed by the press "teaming of who's who in the fashion industry", with Anex Design hailed as "a new label on everyone's fashion list". The first collections presented unique, hand-made, and totally original pieces in lavish, sometimes extravagant style. The collection instantly attracted attention of the fashion critics, enabling Anex Design to claim the niche market in South African celebrities clothing for years to come. During that period bespoke Anex Design collections were worn by the likes of Miss Teen Universe 2010 Chante Siyamthanda, actress and Moscow Queen of Beauty Natalia Gurkova, Serbian singer Dajana Tripunovic, and senior South African executive and activist Nonjabulo Hlengwa, to name a few.

Building on her success with the celebrity crowd, in Fall of 2010 Ana launched her second enterprise, Stars SA. The concept was refreshingly new - everybody with a flair for fashion can be dressed as a celebrity if enough imagination and dedication is spent into designing his/her unique, bespoke clothing! Each collection designed by Stars SA was celebrity-inspired, but the clothing lines produced were available for general sale. Home of the Stars SA was in the Morningside Shopping Centre in Sandton, Johannesburg, where every customer was treated as a celebrity - from the very entrance to the store, to personalized, dedicated service focused on helping them get that unique item that fits perfectly and turns heads in every occasion. One of the landmark lines was created in a collaboration with Aneva, a popular music band from Johannesburg. The collections featured chick, trendy collection of denim, lace and different fabrics, and were instant hit with the band followers, as well as the youthful population at large.


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