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Aneva (2011)

South African band Aneva can be described as electro pop rock. The name was created from the names of twin sisters Anastasia and Natalia Ferrara. The girls have been playing music since their high school days. Upon leaving school they began performing under the name Smothered Beauty, a band which recorded an album but was never released. Smothered beauty came to an end in August of 2009, soon after which they formed Aneva. Their first studio album, entitled ‘Hearts in Casts’ has been recorded, produced and mixed at the girls own production studio, 2InTwine Productions, situated in the South of Johannesburg, South Africa. The girls are set to push Aneva to new heights, reaching a wider audience, bringing a new, fresh sound and image to the South African music industry.

Aneva’s music and lyrics express and tell stories of popular culture whether through experience as artists or as observers. A message of selfmotivation and go-getter attitude comes through as a positive message to their listeners backed by an electro pop sound, that will catch you off guard making you sing along whether you like it or not.

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