Fashion event "The heart of Boka Bay"

Anex Design, July 28, 2019

The Anex fashion brand, developed by Ana Anastasiou Kovačević in Johannesburg, should soon be available in Croatia as well.

The Anex has been developing unique clothing models since 2004, made of natural materials and adaptable to the person who will wear them.

"Many celebrities from South Africa, Germany, Great Britain and France wear my creations. My goal is to show our models and position them in the market of this region. Until recently, we did not do that intensively, but we got some buyers from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and even from Milan, but still, my great wish is Croatia. We are negotiating with potential partners and it is possible to perform at Fashion Week, which will be held in the fall in Zagreb. My goal is to find our creations in society others and that the demanding Croatian audience can compare them with others. Elle, Vouge magazines wrote about our models ... That was before I came to this region ", explains Ana Kovačević, who has had her professional career very successfully, started as a photo model. Her face was on the covers of the world's most famous magazines.

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