Fashion event "Never give up!" in Sweden

Anex Design, March 10, 2020

The urban center of the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg, was also a fashion center on March 8, and the two women from Novljan presented themselves at the international fashion event "Let's Unite" with a joint collection with the inspiring title "Never Give Up".

The audience in Gothenburg reacted excellently to the models that are symbols of the fight against malignant diseases, and the collection also attracted media attention.

The capsule collection, which consists of 10 pieces, made in black with pink belts that symbolize the recognizable logo of the fight against tumors, delighted everyone present. We also dotted the collection with turbans, which are very present on the world's big runways this year. The most interesting part of the collection is the black protective mask made of organic cotton with a filter that cleans the air, and the enthusiastic audience rewarded us with a huge applause. After returning to Copenhagen, the interest of the media in Denmark was really great, says Krivokapić, and I will point out that they gladly accepted the invitation of the state TV company "Bella", in whose program they will be guests on Sunday at 14:00.

Radio Jadran: Fashion show report