Searching for inspiration

Anex Design, October 24, 2020

A visit to the Montenegrin mountains in late autumn is a source of great inspiration for creating fashionable clothes. It is not difficult to find a great match in the wide range of colors represented on the Anex Design creations, with the boundless color that these days adorns Montenegrin forests and mountains.

Durmitor National Park, together with the canyons of Piva and Tara that surround it, is a pearl of untouched nature in Europe. Vast pastures where you can see herds of wild horses, are surrounded by beautiful forests of birch, oak and other deciduous trees. They are surmounted by forests of centuries-old pine trees, above which high mountain peaks appear. Here you can, in one single view, encompass the entire spectrum of colors - from purple, gold and red tones of leaves, through green and yellow meadows, all the way to the blue shades of the infinite sky.

Although the lack of freshness and creativity could never be objected to for Anex Design, this autumn's visit to Durmitor will certainly leave a mark on the new collection of fashion clothes, which is already in preparation.